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React Redux is the official React UI bindings layer. It is used mostly for application state management. To summarize it, Redux maintains the state of an entire application in a single immutable state tree (object), which can’t be changed directly.

Redux concepts might sound complicated or fancy, but they’re simple. Redux has three building parts: actions, store and reducers.

  • State : a JavaScript object that stores component’s dynamic data
  • Action: carry a payload of information from our application to store
  • Reducer: a function that determines changes to an application’s state
  • Store: a state container which holds the application’s state

01/ Why do we use React Redux?


In studying JavaScript, Object is unavoidable. A lot of people when they start studying Object must get confused. At least I did! This is why I am writing this article to get more familiar with them and knock them out!!!
In this article, you will learn what is “Object” and how to use them.


  1. What is “Object” in JavaScript
  2. How to create an “Object”
  3. Adding a methods
  4. Accessing properties and methods
  5. Loop over “Object”
  6. “Object” methods
  7. Conclusion

1. What is “Object” in JavaScript?

Object is one of the fundamental data types in JavaScript. There are variable which stores only one value and array which stores multiple…

When you start studying JavaScript, you would hear “JavaScript is Synchronous.” and then, you would be like “….?”. Don’t worry! It happened to me too! Today, I will dive into what is Synchronous and Asynchronous, and how to control them.

01 — What is Synchronous and Asynchronous?

Synchronicity means “doing something at the same time, and happening at the same time”.

Asynchronous means “doesn’t happen at the same time”.

02 — Is JavaScript Synchronous?

First, JavaScript is single-threaded language. In other words, JavaScript is not able to do something at the same time. JavaScript runs codes in orders. However, JavaScript…


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